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A message to La Mesa voters

Going into the final days of the La Mesa City Council campaign, emotions are high. Political parties and special interest groups are deploying their final tactics. The best of these put forward their preferred candidate in ways that highlight the person's strengths. The worst tactics wrongly portray candidates speaking against other candidates. The Lincoln Club is among these special interests groups using the worst of these political tactics.


Being a target of negative and deceitful tactics is the part of running for public office that I detest most. The candidates deserve better. And the citizens of La Mesa deserve better. So I keep going. I believe in our community. I believe in my ability to serve you and the city I love.


Each one of us is capable of thinking for ourselves. Visit each candidate's website. View the recordings of the public forums in which some of us participated. Hear how we speak and what we have to say. Learn about our visions and priorities for La Mesa. Vote your own mind, not someone else's. I know I have.



Former Mayor of La Mesa

Aaron Emerling

Founder, La Mesa Village Voice

Rick Turner

Owner, Kappa Surveying

Joseph Braunwarth, Ph.D.

Chair,Political Economy Department, Grossmont College

Carl Brandt

Former La Mesa Business Owner, Moving Shoes