to serve all La Mesa residents

  • Financial investments in all our neighborhoods,
    such as sidewalks, crosswalks and streetlights


  • Promote businesses across La Mesa, including
    El Cajon and Lake Murray boulevards and
    University Avenue, to better serve adjacent
    residential neighborhoods



to rebuild residents’ confidence in local government

  •  Transparency in our Police Department 

  • Transparency in our City policies and
    procedures, such as open selection of
    developers for public improvement projects


Quality of life​

to improve services & access for all residents

  • Strategies to fund and build a new public library
    that meets County standards as well as
    residents' needs

  • Upgrades for all City Parks, such as new and
    inclusive play equipment, safe public restrooms,
    expanded dog parks and overdue repairs

  • Implement the Sidewalk and Bicycle master
    plans for safer routes to schools and businesses,

    plus better access to parks and open spaces


See first-hand what it takes for a wheel-chair bound La Mesa citizen to cross La Mesa Boulevard at Jackson.

See the full video here: